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This transform is only useful for demonstration and testing.
## Obtaining and building the cookbook
## Obtaining and Building the Cookbook
### Docker
### Docker (Recommended)
The easiest way to test these transforms is to use Zephyr's docker registry:
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The recommended value for `<args>` is `help`. Once logged into the docker image, you can `cd irdb-cookbook-examples` and run `scons`.
### Manually
### Manually (Not recommended)
To build these examples by manually, one must:
1. Download the IRDB SDK and set the IRDB\_SDK environment variable appropriately. The IRDB SDK can be found [here](
1. Download the IRDB libraries and set IRDB\_LIBS environment variable appropriately. Documentation on obtaining the IRDB libraries is not yet
available, however, they are available in the highly recommended docker image.
1. Download the IRDB libraries, set IRDB\_LIBS environment variable appropriately and install `pszr`. Documentation on obtaining the these components not yet
available, however, they are available via this reduced docker image: ``
1. Install g++ and scons.
1. Type `scons` to perform the build.
1. Set the `PSPATH` environment variable to include `$COOKBOOK_HOME/plugins_install`, e.g. in `bash`:
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