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This project is the "Cookbook" for building an IRDB transform.
Included are three sample transforms:
1. init\_stack -- intialize a stack frame upon entry to a function.
This transform may be useful to prevent attacks that leverage uninit'd data on the stack.
1. stack\_stamp -- "Stamp" return addresses passed to
functions by xoring the return value with a random value. This transform
may be useful to prevent attacks that overwrite a return address, a classic attack vector.
1. kill\_deads -- a simple program to calculate which registers
in a program do not contain a useful value, and "kill" the register by writing a random value to it.
This transform is only useful for demonstration and testing.
To build this, one must have downloaded the IRDB's SDK and set the IRDB\_SDK environment variable appropriately.
The IRDB SDK can be found [here](
To use these transforms, one should set PSPATH to include `COOKBOOK_HOME/plugins_install`, then run `` with the proper step enabled. E.g.:
export PSPATH=$PSPATH:$COOKBOOK_HOME/plugins_install
/path/to/ --step stack_stamp /bin/ls ./ls.stamped
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