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Improve jump table detection and debugging output

Leon Weiss requested to merge debugging-output-and-jumptable-detection into master

This merge request got rather convoluted and I'm aware that this is not best practice. If you want to, I can split it up into multiple smaller ones.

The main part of this merge request is a logic change in the backward search that allows accounting for register renames from bounds check until use as index register. This tackles some of the jump table constructs previously documented as "not-handled"

f8a662f7 increases the maximum size used for clamping jump tables and 00917f1f adds the env variable MAX_JUMP_TABLE_CLAMP_SIZE to adjust this parameter as needed.

Commits 5f5d3169, d434b06b, 9e3f3356, 995ed420, 01262f75, 5cf6ffa9 and 1e2bddd9 include general fixes. If you want to, I can move them into a different merge request

c0e08b6c implements the functions added to IRDB-SDK in opensrc/irdb-sdk!4

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